11 Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List for Sure Dofollow Backlinks

 11 Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List for Sure Dofollow Backlinks

Most of the bloggers want to get more publicity and conversions from their website or blog. And for this creating quality dofollow backlinks is an effective way to increase the blog traffic and rankings on Google SERPs. Here in this article, I’m going to share a verified list of 11 dofollow Commentluv blogs that surely give free high quality backlinks.

As you’ve already known, Google tends to rank pages higher in search results based on the authority of that page. Recent researches estimates that the link popularity of a specific page for 22.33% of the components of Google’s ranking algorithm.

What are Dofollow Commentluv blogs?

CommentLuv is a popular and best way to get two Dofollow backlinks (or nofollow) at a time to your site. It also helps to build the relationship with other bloggers by commenting on the post to get two backlinks one on the main site and another one on the latest post. This 11 Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List will be your link juice.

How to Get Quality Backlinks from Commentluv Enabled Blogs

To write excellent, effective blog comments is perhaps the very best practice to build your own blog presence. Consider a blog comment an audition to show off your own personal expertise. It also reflects your own impression.

Not all blog comments are created equal. Here are some ninja strategies for blog commenting.

01. Read the Full Article

Of course take time to read the post completely. An excellent blog comment takes into account the entire post and then come up with a good and original response.

02. Early Bird Response

Early commenting has more benefit than later. It will give you more traffic to your site. However, leaving first comment on every single post can be a bit challenging.

03. Analyze Other Comments

Before going to comment, just go through other commenters comment first if someone else has said what you’re about to say.

04. Suggest A Point

Read the post and find out an important point that is missing in the post. And then, politely suggest it in your comment.

05. Show Respect

This is so important part at time of commenting on others post. Of course, we shouldn’t forget to care about or respect others. Because, we also expect it from others.

06. Be Interesting and Funny

Have an interesting perspective. Bring interesting and rare pieces of knowledge. But most of all, be funny. When it comes to good blog comments, funny comments win every time.

07. Comment Length

Comment length depends on the depth of the article. But, of course, you should maintain your standard. 100 words comment is always better than 10 words comment!

08. Link Adding

Of course, you shouldn’t add more links in your comment. 01 link is always better than 02 links. Here, you should concern about a relevant link because this relevancy give you more benefit to get more targeted traffic.

What to Avoid At The Time Of Comment

Here are few things to avoid when leaving comments on other blogs:

  • Excessive Self Linking
  • One or Two word Comments
  • Not Reading Posts Before Commenting
  • Always Being First To Comment
  • Keyword Stuffed Names
  • Not adding value to the Comments
  • Don’t comment just for the sake of commenting

Dofollow Commentluv Enabled Blogs List

Here I have listed 11 dofollow Commentluv blogs list that will give you high quality dofollow backlink.

11 Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List | Summary

I’m using this 11 Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List and also getting good result about targeted traffic. Hope, this list can also help you to develop your blog with more traffic in addition dofollow backlinks. If you’ve any other link, write it in the comment box. And of course, I’ll add it in the list & publish. To get our latest article, just subscribe.


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