3 Realistic Procedure To Increase Page Authority

How To Increase Page Authority

Page Authority is a score that comes between 1 to 100 where 1 is the least valuable and 100 is the most valuable. Moz (An SEO Consulting Company) is basically offers this score for each pages.  And the page authority determine how well a page ranks in search engine.

To determine page authority Moz apply dozen of metric and decides accordingly. These metric includes MozRank, MozTrust and some other factors.

How To Increase Page Authority?

Hundreds of factors include for the improvement of particular web page. Before proceed on, you must know that Google primarily boost those pages which has good user experience, not for search engines. Google wants quality contents and links than heavy quantity of web pages with low quality. These qualities is measured by numerous metrics and truly the page authority is the most crucial one.

MA Zaman.Com researched on page authority tactics and comes with some of SEO activities that directly involved to increase Page Authority. Undoubtedly, these facts will help to improve your site’s PA.

01. Write Quality & Unique Content

From the beginning to till this moment “content is king”. Having quality content going to increase user engagement and reduce the bounce rate. And the overall performance appears as high page authority. However, increasing page authority is also a long-term process like Domain Authority.

Always try to write something new and very interesting to read which can surely reduce exit rate and bounce rate. This is actually the authentic reason of not being a part of first result page in search engines.

Another thing that search engines like to check the continuous update of your contents and this increase the crawl rate. Google often crawl and index that page which is a regularly updated.

Make sure the web page has the complete information which worth enough to the user or visitor. Content should be more relevant and beneficial.

02. Use Images

Using image on web-page increases sharing rate and gives the professional look. We have high chance to get position in search engine with image optimization, if we can apply some basic SEO tactics like optimizing Alt, Title tag and some etc. More relevant image can carry more visitors and it also improves the importance of the content.

03. Earn External Links

Always look for high quality links that results high web traffic. Google reflects backlinks from high quality websites as it means the quality indicator.

Initially, engage with manual link building tactics and use inbound & outbound links in your web pages. And also share pages on social sites. If you get more social signals for your page, the content will get more visitors that reflects to increase page authority.

Having interesting and relevant content in your site carries a high chance to get more quality backlinks of other popular sites. Moreover, inbound link can help a better user experience.


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