7 Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment In 2017

7 Ways  To Make Money Online

There is a lot of possibility for everyone to Make Money Online whether you are a student, a housewife or a working professional looking for full time or part-time job. Now, online jobs are more popular in developing countries where regular job pay scales are very low. For this, day by day, a lot of people switch to Making Money Online as they get better pay rates.

There are various ways for you to Earn Money Online. Basically, some jobs may require technical skills and some other for non-technical. What’s job suitable for, you can consider it as per your skills, time you can devote and your interest. So, check out the several ways to Make Money Online and select yourself which one is the best for you.

7 Best Ways To Make Money Online

Here I’m going to discuss the 7 best ways to make money online that you may select the best match for you:

01. Freelancing

If you’re looking for how to make money online in 2017 and finding no option you are in the right place to start. Here’s why.

You can start your work as a writer providing people with articles, sales scripts, and more advanced forms of writing. Based on your sales ability and other skills, you will better understand about your selling capability.

You’ll also work directly with experts in the internet. You can start at the bottom and work your way up. You’ll be exposed to other successful business owners and freelancers.

Here are a few more ways to make money by freelancing:

  • Proofreading and editing.
  • Being a professional voice actor.
  • Creating video content.
  • Managing website analytics.
  • Market research.
  • Providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services.
  • Website design.
  • Customer service (telecommunication).
  • Legal/Accounting Services.

Virtually there are infinite options. You could join online marketing forums and see which problems marketers want to be solved. Check out freelancing sites and look at the various skills that people are hiring for on the internet. Taking a step back to really look at the skills you already have to offer, can lead you to even more opportunities.

There are lot of freelancing sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Peopleperhour etc.

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02. Make Money Online With Fiverr

To make money online, Fiverr is an excellent marketplace providing this opportunities for everyone. Here, you can create a “Gig” as it tells people what you are willing to do for $5. The Gigs can be absolutely anything from Professional services like technical writing, SEO, online marketing to non-professional things like blowing balloon for someone, painting, or doing all sort of unique yet creative things

Even if you do not have any skills, you can still earn money through Fiverr for your creativity. May be you do not to be highly skilled for recording a short video. 100 Buyers= 500$ for something you will otherwise think not to be too bad. So, if you can provide some creative Gigs to people, you can earn some easy money.

03. Make Money With Blogging

For a large amount of people, blogging is either a hobby or a medium to express their feelings to others. However, it is also possible to make your blog as a money making machine. But, you need to be more patient with blogging. It’s not possible to earn from day one. It may even take few months to make your first dollar from your blog. But, once your blog starts getting popular, you will be surprised making enough money to make a living out of it.

You can either start a free blog at Blogger or switch it to WordPress later. You may also start directly with a professional blog. However, since transferring a blog from Blogger to WordPress is not very easy task. I would suggest you to start directly with a professional blog at WordPress.

04. Monetize Your YouTube Videos

Now it is so popular way to make money with YouTube. Just to upload your unique video, you can earn from YouTube. When you monetize your channel from YouTube, your uploaded videos should be copyrights free. So, for this, you need to create your own YouTube videos.

There are many ways to monetize your YouTube videos. Most of the “YouTubers” make money by embedding advertisements in their videos. From here, you can also earn money through affiliate marketing and paid reviews.

05. Earn Money Online By Selling Photographs

If you love photography and can click for some good pictures with your camera, you have one more option to click for more pictures. Because, it is possible for you to make money online by selling your pictures in online.

There are many stock photo websites where you can submit your pictures. The prominent ones among them are Deposit Photos, Fotolia, and Shutterstock. If your photos are sold by that platform, you can also make your reschedule income.

06. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money from your website or blog. It is also not the quickest way to earn money from day one.

Start by finding a product that you would like to recommend. You endorse the product and promote it to your website visitors and email subscribers. If the product or service booms with the visitors or subscribers, they’ll click on your affiliate link, and also going to purchase the product.

The commission might be anywhere from 30% of the product or service price, up to as high as 90%. And it is only for simply referring the buyers and completing their purchase procedure. Pretty simple, huh?!

Where can I find products to promote?

  • Commission junction – Offers reliable products with on-time payments.
  • Clickbank – High percentage payouts, but there’s a lack of GOOD products to promote.

07. Online Tutoring

If you are a professional teacher or have good knowledge of a subject, you can make money by teaching online. There are many websites where you can register to teach online. Among them the popular ones are Tutor and Chalkstreet.

If you do not want to teach live and want better control on your work timings than Udemy would be your perfect choice. Udemy is an excellent platform where you can sell your online courses with a handsome amount.


There are many options for you to Make Money Online. However, it’s so important for you to select the right option that you are actually interested in. Without interest, you may not reach in your ultimate destination and soon lose your interest and eventually give up.

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