How to Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Website

How to Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Website

When I started my blogging, I thought to add a website with Google analytics is just to know about the visitors’ number. But now I can realize, it’s not only number but to know about the growth of my blog or website.

So, are you struggling with how to add the Google Analytics tracking code to WordPress? Actually, you know, Google Analytics is a free service of Google and it provides you with all kinds of helpful insights about your site. But to set it up with your website is a bit confusing matter.

Ok, don’t worry – I’m here to help you. In this tutorial, I’m going to discuss the easiest way to install the Google Analytics tracking code on your WordPress site. I have simplified this guide to non-technical users also.

So, let’s dive in!

How To Setup Google Analytics Account

There are many methods to add Google Analytics to your website. But, it is not a matter which method you choose to add Google Analytics for your WordPress site. You just need to know about some basic information:

Your tracking code, which also includes your Tracking ID. Some tools require the whole code, while other need just only your ID.

So, let’s start the guide with setting up Google Analytics account for your WordPress blog. You can repeat the same process for any website too. If you are doing this for your first website, you need to go to Google Analytics page and login using your Google account or create an account which is free.

When you’re going to set up this for the first time, you will be asked to add details of your website and also your personal details to get started.

Account Info

On the next page, you need to add your website details to get the tracking code. Here is a sample screenshot from one website:

Click on Get Tracking ID and you will be moved to the page with tracking ID for your website.

Google Analytics Tracking Code

So far you had successfully setup your Google Analytics account and created the tracking ID for your website.

Here is the most important part of this tutorial. Now you’ve to integrate Google Analytics tracking ID into your WordPress blog or website. Most of the people don’t know about the fact that maximum WordPress theme has an option to add header and footer script. You can use this to add Google Analytics tracking code into script box. Simply copy the tracking code which you obtained in the step1. Next go to theme setting option, find out the option to add footer script. Here, just paste the code.

Footer Script Box

If you are doing this successfully, your work has done. And now you are ready to check your website status on Google Analytics. Easy, ha!


So, let me know if this article is helpful or not. If this article is helpful for you, don’t forget to write your comment and share this tutorial with your friends on Facebook.


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