Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Best Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Best Affiliate Program

Hello! My dearest readers,
Welcome to the lead generation method. In my next article, I’ve told, I’ll explore the full marketing procedure. I’m 100% sure that this article will be so much helpful for you to start affiliate marketing with this affiliate program. So, let’s start:

Before starting, we have to recap some context of the previous article. The site is basically a legit roommate finder site. It offers rooms and apartments in over 192 countries. This is great for meeting with new people and finding a place to live for short term or long term stays.

Now, you may ask question, “what’s our task & how we can make money?” The answer is so simple: our duty is to send traffic to their site. And if the traffic sign up, you’ll get paid.

The Marketing Procedures:

I’ll write here the marketing procedures for beginners to advanced level. Just you should remember, this site only accepts leads of people that NEED Roommates, Room shares, Flat shares & Apartment Shares. (Rooms / Shared & Rooms Wanted). So, before going to start, you should give attention with this matter.

01. Facebook Marketing

There are two types of facebook marketing. One is free and the another is paid.

Free Facebook Marketing
For free facebook marketing, you have to work hard. Here, you should maintain at least three facebook accounts. Each facebook account, you have to create ten groups and ten pages. Groups & pages name would be like: “Room Rent/USA, USA,UK,Australia/Apartment/Rent & Sell, USA,UK,Australia/Flat/Share,Rent & Sell etc”. Then start to join with related groups as much as possible.

In this affiliate site we will get country and state wise many posts with descriptions and images. So, copy this description and images(at least 4) and post this to you facebook fan page. Use your affiliate link with this post. Embed this post and share this to your facebook groups first and then other joined related groups. At the time of sharing your post, you should remember: the sharing time distance would be at least 30 minutes. Don’t spam. In a day ten post is enough to get good lead!

Paid Facebook Marketing
This is simple. In this method you have to spend money! You just analysis the customers, countries, state, age, interest etc. before starting your ad in facebook. Of course, you should follow up your ad performance. If you follow this steps, that’s enough for paid facebook marketing.

Create A Landing Page

If you want to spend some bucks, you can make a landing page where you should integrate your affiliate link. Then promote this landing page link/url. And this is the safe way to keep your affiliate link risk free.

Create A Blog/ Website

This is also a great way to promote your affiliate link. Here you will get the highest priority in promotion. By writing your article, you can convince your readers. You can also use banners, site ads in your blog post, blog or website. Here you can also use, your own motivational videos. After completing these initiative into your blog, your main target would be to generate more traffic to your site. And, we know more traffic, more earning!

Conclusion | Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Best Affiliate Program

Hope, this affiliate link promotion method will be helpful for you. And, I always like to hear from you. If this article is helpful or not, please write your comment into the comment box. And also don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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