How To Install WordPress Using QuickInstall In HostGator cPanel

Install WordPress Using QuickInstall

Now most of the website developers and owners begin to build their websites on WordPress CMS system. This is one the most popular CMS(Content Management System) for its easiest user friendly interface. Now it is a dream of many newbies to make a self-hosted WordPress blog or website. HostGator is a renowned web hosting service provider. Though millions of people are liking WordPress, HostGator is giving a great service in their cpanel for installing WordPress using QuickInstall. I’m sure, this tutorial will help you to install WordPress using QuickInstall at HostGator.

Install WordPress Using QuickInstall | Full WordPress Installation Guide

Step 01. Login To Your HostGator cPanel (Control Panel)

HostGator provides to their customers a dynamic cPanel with their hosting. This hosting cPanel is so powerful and user friendly. To login to your HostGator cpanel, you need a username and password that has been provided by HostGator at the time of your purchase confirmation. If you can’t remember your ID & password, just check your email.

Step 02. Click on QuickInstall

Once you’ve logged into your cpanel, scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you’ll find Software/Services section shown below. The first option of this section is QuickInstall. And this is our ultimate auto installer.


Step 03. Click WordPress, then Continue

When you’ve completed “Step 2”, you will find a menu to the left side. Though WordPress is classified into the Blog Software, click on “Blog Software” and then select “WordPress”. After selecting WordPress, WordPress Description page will appear.

Click On WordPress

Next, click “Continue” button to start the process.

Click On Continue

Step 04. Enter Your Website Information

I think, this part makes a little confusion to the newbies. Here I’m explaining the matter for more clarification.

Wesite Information

Application URL
Now you reach the most important step to configure your WordPress installation. For application URL, you’ll find your domain name on the left side and also a blank box on the right side. This blank box will allow you to install WordPress into a subdirectory, such as “blog” or others. This would make your WordPress site accessible at instead of just Many people like to add the subarea because they have another website with their main address.

But if you want to use WordPress for your main website, just leave the Application URL & keep the right box empty.

Add Other Information
Here you’ve to enter your admin email, choose app version, blog/website title, your first and last name. Make sure to enter a valid email address because a login password will be automatically generated and sent an email to this admin email address. For Blog Title, you should put the name that you’d like to call your website. For example, for, we would put “MAZaman” as the name.

Step 05. Click Install Now Button To Complete The Setup

Once you click Install Now, you will get a confirmation message that the WordPress installation was successful. This installation of WordPress is pretty simple and quick. You will get your automated login ID and password in your given admin email address. You can change this ID & password anytime. The default login page of your WordPress site is So, why make late, enter your WP dashboard and start blogging.


I’m trying to elaborate the whole procedure to Install WordPress Using QuickInstall through simple and easy way. But if you still feel any complex, just write it in the comment box. I hope to give you a good solution.