Top 10 Free Video Sharing Sites List To Earn Money 2017

Top 10 Free Video Sharing Sites List

Do you wish to become a video blogger or Youtuber? Sounds really interesting.

In this article we are going to write about the top video sharing sites and that are listed wise by popularity.

Most of the people know, video sharing sites are used to share video clips where there is no limit of length. Here you can create your account free and upload video clips. You have also opportunity to optimize it to get on the top of the list if the competition is more. I listed here the Top 10 Free Video Sharing Sites List To Earn Money 2017 where some sites are so popular and other doesn’t equal in the competition.

Three Key Points To Remember

You are in the right place! While making a video to earn good amount of money, you should follow the following key points:

  • Plan how to launch your video in preferred site.
  • You should create the video with good amount of healthy keywords which have been picked after an in-depth research.
  • While making a video, know your targeted audience and their preferences as well.

To help you grow in your career as a video blogger and also earn a good amount of money, you can choose to upload contents via the listed channels.

So, here I’m going to discuss on Top 10 Free Video Sharing Sites List To Earn Money 2017 where, you can upload videos and make money online for every view.

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10 Best Free Video Sharing Sites List

Top 10 free video sharing sites list and a short discussion are given below:

Youtube | The Best Free Video Sharing Sites In World

This is the best & King video sharing network powered by Google. YouTube is one and only the boss of almost every video sharing sites. 70% of internet users will use it. There are millions of uploads will be uploaded in every minutes. Youtube was founded by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen but in the mean time it was sold to Google and the app is developed for all devices like iPad, iPhone, Window Phone and android phones. Youtube follows same procedure as Gmail, Google+. And you can directly integrated with Youtube by using Google+. That means you can also watch Youtube videos on Google+. Without unregistered, you can watch Youtube videos.


In Break.Com, you can share videos, pictures and even flash games too. Believe it or not, they will pay you $ 2000 if your video makes it position to the front page of this website. And your picture would get you $25 if it becomes a part of the Gallery of the website. The method of payment is PayPal. You get your share once in a week. To know more register with and then go to

Netflix | Best Video Streaming Sites in US

Netflix is a most used and best video streaming website in US after Youtube. But in Asian countries it’s not so popular. It was developed by Reed Hastings, Marc Randolph in 1997. This site is older than Youtube but lost popularity due to ultimate free offerings by Youtube. You can watch TV shows and movies by using this as like as Youtube. Globally there are 34 million Netflix subscribers and the total income of Netflix till date is $2.5 billion dollar.


Dailymotion is an excellent video sharing site. It is available on 34 languages. Dailymotion is France based video uploading and video sharing sites. This was founded by Olivier Poitrey and Benjamin Bejbaum in 2005. At that time, it was just video browsing system and later on it bought features like subscribing and sharing. You can add videos in your blog and you can also watch videos on Facebook and Android Xbox. Now, you can upload several videos at a time.


It’s like a market and you can earn thousand dollars if you just upload video. It is completely free and there are 1.5 million subscribers for this site. You can create your own channel and get subscribers, share it with your friends. The official Facebook page of this site has got 1.3 million likes. There are daily millions of videos are uploaded to this site from Bollywood and Hollywood.


Vimeo is another US based renowned video sharing site. This is the site which is completely for business. Vimeo was founded by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein in November 2004. Within a short time period the site gets worldwide popularity. It offers to upload 01 video each week for normal users and for premium user can upload unlimited videos with unlimited length and also can create unlimited channels. The main branch of the company is in New York, USA and it has 23 million subscribers worldwide and the 60% of the traffic is come from mobiles.

Ustream is also one of the best video sharing websites. It was founded by The John Ham, Dr. Gyula Feher, Brad Hunstable in 2007. It’s headquarter is in San Francisco and there are lot of employees working with this company. The site has special program that detects copyright videos using fingerprint method. The site is available in only 4 languages.


Vine was developed by Colin Kroll, Rus Yusupov and Dom Hofmann in July 2012. They developed the apps of Vine for all devices like Android, Window Phone and iOS and the app size is too light. The size of the app is 14MB and this was sold to Twitter for $30 million. The site is available in 30 languages and it supports for only small clips.

Twitch is one more website for latest video sharing and it was founded by in 2011. Now it acquires by Amazon. And gamers like this because it is the top site to get more touch with Gaming videos. Twitch founders developed the Twitch app for Android, Windows and Mac.


This video sharing website is founded by Hayden Hewitt in 2016. The headquarters of the company is in London. This is the only video sharing website that allows users to chat and if you want to upload the videos on this site then go to Yoursay and upload it. The site has a number of categories and it is not so popular. Its official Facebook page has got 5 lakh likes.


This is all about Top 10 Free Video Sharing Sites List To Earn Money 2017. You can start your first earnings from each of these sites.

If you have any suggestion or queries regarding this article are most welcome and those can be commented through using the comment box. And I will reply within 24 hours.