Top 10 PDF Submission Sites for 2017

Top 10 PDF Submission Sites List For 2017

Do you want to get SEO extra boost?

I think Top 10 PDF Submission Sites for 2017 can give you this solution. I’ve already tested this and I’m sure you will also like this. Because, this list can give you high PR backlinks as it is important for your search engine ranking.

What is PDF Submission?

It is one of the most popular techniques which are used by SEO professionals. PDF submission is an activity of Off Page SEO that provides visibility to your website through promotion and getting backlinks. There are many popular websites where you can submit your PDF and get backlinks within a minute. Top 10 PDF Submission Sites for 2017 is a tested SEO quick juice for you.

Process OF PDF Submission

  • Open your document.
  • Print (select File > Print) as for any virtual printer.
  • Before clicking OK, select PDF Creator as the printer.
  • Click OK to bring up a form with a menu of buttons at the bottom.
  • Click Save (on the right) to create a PDF file.
  • The Save As dialog box opens for location and filename.

Top 10 PDF Submission Sites For 2017

Followings are the site for the PDF submission with high Page Authority & Domain Authority:

SL No.Web AddressPADA
02 9593
03 9291
04 9189
05 8987
06 8986
07 8888
08 8784

Why PDF Submission Is Important?

PDF submission carries the most professional results. I have explained here the benefits of PDF submission that will prove, how much important PDF submission is:

1. Generate Traffic From These Documents Sharing Websites

Everyday millions of users visit these sites for information. So, if you can provide useful information, you can get more visitors to your site from this platform.

2. Generate High Quality Backlinks

Through PDF Submission, you will get a variety of high quality backlinks for your site. Because, most of these websites are linked to blogs, articles, directories and social media sites.

3. PDF Submission Gives Quick SEO Result

These documents sharing sites get indexed very quickly. Therefore, you have the opportunity to get your PDF indexed quickly and also get instant SEO boost. It will help to improve the Domain Authority of your website.

4. Improve Search Engine Traffic

With the help of improved SERPs and if you use the Top 10 PDF Submission Sites for 2017 , your website will get rich by more organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.


After these entire explanation one factor is still not clear that, Why PDF are Popular? Here I have explained that why PDF are popular:

  • Create PDF is very easy and no need any types of technical knowledge.
  • It is very less time consuming process.
  • It has the Capability to compress large files.
  • PDF documents are more secured files. If you are sending your documents over internet no need to worry about this.

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