WP Engine Review: High Speedy Well Managed Website Hosting Service

High Speedy Well Managed Website Hosting Service Provider 2017

I’ve learned about WP Engine long time ago from an online interview of its co-founder Jason Cohen. The company started its journey in 2010.

At that time WP Engine was a growing company. And within this years, it has make its position strong in the industry. Now it is a high speedy well managed website hosting service.

What Is WP Engine?

WP Engine is a high speedy well managed website hosting service provider. It mainly focuses on WordPress supported sites. Day by day, various new features were added as technology advances. The company is funded by a large group of investors including WordPress.Org. Some of the great features of WP Engine are – incredible uptime, great security features, unlimited data transfer etc. And for more update details, just go through the complete review.

Learn More About Why WP Engine Is Different?

Plans & Pricing

WP Engine has five different plans. You can choose as per your need. All of these plans are carrying three common features: Unlimited data transfer, data backups on a daily basis & daily malware scanning. Overall the plans of this web hosting provider includes:

High Speedy Well Managed Website Hosting Service

  • Personal plan is only $29/Month. In this feature, you’ll get – one WordPress installation with maximum 25,000 visits per month. And your storage limit would be 10GB.
  • Professional plan is at $99/ Month. Here, you’ll get 10 WordPress installations with maximum 100,000 visits per month. In this package, the limit of your storage would be 20GB.
  • The cost of your Business plan is $249/ Month. Here in this feature, you’ll get 25 WordPress installations. And the maximum limit of your visits would be 400,000 per month. And you’ll get 30GB storage.
  • Premium plan requires you to contact customer care for pricing. In this plan, you’ll get 150 WordPress installation. Additionally, you’ll get 1 million visits per month and 300GB storage.
  • Enterprise plan is thought to be the most expensive plan. Like premium plan, it also requires you to contact customer care for pricing. This plan will give you the opportunity; that is- 150 WordPress installations coupled with 5 million visits per month. And the storage limit would be 1 Terabyte.

WP Engine's Plans Comparison

60 Days Money Back GuaranteeMoney Back Guarantee!

Basically, it is clear to see that it is quite pricy where other web hosting service providers offer cheaper options with even better features. Surprisingly, WP Engine remains one of the best web hosting providers in the industry. But if you feel unhappy, you can cancel and request for refund your subscription fee within the first 60 days.

The Great Features Of WP Engine

  • Pre-installed WordPress. You just need to retrieve your login details.
  • It comes with Everchange technology & WP Engine prides for its fastest uptime.
  • It provides the opportunity to use of SSL protocol. And it is especially for the e-commerce transactions and to keep your clients credit card details.
  • For every plan, it is assured of daily malware scanning. It protects you from the frequent online threats.
  • WP Engine allows you to test stuffs, find bugs, and redesign your site without jeopardizing your current site operation.
  • WP Engine supports instant backup plus 1-click restore with easy Snapshot Backups.

WP Engine – High Speedy Well Managed Website Hosting Service | Pros

The best feature of WP Engine is- it is 100% uptime that really surprised me. To grow a online business, uptime is very important and its uptime remains extraordinary. Another great thing of its security measurement process. They have put in place for you to enjoy secure transactions for both you and the customers due to the SSL protocol and also the scanned servers. It has highly update and scanning process. In WP Engine, you get full access to unlimited monthly data transfers and malware scanning on a daily basis. The storage capacity completely depends on your selecting plans.

Cons Of WP Engine

I think you’ll also agree with me that WP Engine’s starting price is bit high. In this price, definitely it is possible to get a better deal with other rival hosting services. Although they are saying, they offer customer care(24/7 or Live Chat) for all; but if you are a personal plan holding client, you should forget to get it in a hurry. Sometimes WP Engine considers the part of a page as a page visit. Basically all it depends on the IP address that visits your website. Finally, it is only Linux based service. If you hold Windows-based WordPress, then it would be challenging.

WP Engine – High Speedy Well Managed Website Hosting Service | Final Words

I have already used a number of web hosting services for me and also for my clients. Some have worked excellent while others have disappointed me. To me WP Engine can be described as the top 3 high speedy well managed website hosting service providers. The price and support or the lack of it can be a discouraging factor. But that does not mean, you should not consider it as one of the best. If this review is help to you, don’t forget to write your comment in the comment box and also to share with your friends by using sharing buttons.








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